The Problem

Increased energy costs are hitting municipal and commercial swimming pools hard.

To keep pools crystal clear and safe, water is continuously recirculated and filtered through sand filters that need regular back washing – meaning tonnes of  heated water are put down the drain every week. The incoming cold water then has to be heated to bring it up to swimming temperature.

What if heated water could be recovered on site, saving water cost and energy”

The Solution

Recycle the filter backwash water using the PwlltecEC system. PwlltecEC is an electrochemical process designed to treat and clean water effectively at low cost.

The system is derived from electrocoagulation systems that have been developed for mining, agricultural, aquaculture and other applications to remove contaminants from waste water streams, and recover where possible. It has a small footprint, it uses no chemicals, so no hazardous storage issues.

“Warm water can now be recycled, saving water and energy costs

With energy costs, and the drive for sustainability, if ever there was a time for product like this, it is NOW.

The Big Picture

Saving energy is at least as important as generating new energy – all major economies need to save energy.

Unlike renewable energy installations of equivalent scale, implementation of Pwlltec technology is simpler and benefits are immediate.

The above is an example to illustrate potential savings and costs.